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le graphics

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le graphics.

yes, another one of those icon/graphic ljs. this particular one belonging to a couple of girls down under - prince yahiko [yuuzai] and khaos [rimn], who will be posting their icons for the public. this community is open, so feel free to friend/join this community to be informed of updates. however, no one will be granted posting access.

the graphics.

icons. will be defaulted to 100x100px and under 40kb to accommodate the requirements of lj and other online journals. a note will be added if the icon does not fit these requirements.

wallpapers. if presented, are made to fit the screensize 1024x768.

banners. are made randomly. no specific size. if taken, must not be directly linked. please host on your own server.

other. please leave a comment stating which graphic you have taken <3.

usage policy.

x. credit is a must. if you are unsure how to credit graphics, check the community memories for instructions.
x. comment telling us what graphics you're taking so we know what's popular.
x. upload images to your own server.
x. do not edit, redistribute, steal, or claim our graphics as your own.
x. textless icons are not bases, unless stated in the post.

our resource list.


email: khaos_kinema at hotmail dot com.

email: psychogarden at gmail dot com.
aim: enzetsu


x. _pikebubbles
x. foto_icons
x. gazette_icons
x. i_gration
x. i_spoof
x. iconsomnia
x. kisskill_icons
x. mad_iconner
x. mtrlgicons
x. passionfilled
x. starleticons_

links in & out.

this site is link free, but please upload the button onto your own server <3.